Shell Shocked

Greenpeace left Shell red-faced during the podium ceremony at last week’s Belgian GP by turning Shell’s biggest PR event on it’s head and protesting against their plans for drilling in the Arctic. All this in front of millions of viewers (on track & TV).

While Greenpeace does occasionally go overboard, I think here the end justified the means. The Arctic belongs to all of us; it is not for one country or corporation to take advantage of. And for what? At best, Shell estimates 9 Billion barrels of oil that can be extracted? And what if it fails? Shell’s attempts to drill into the US Arctic already lead to failures. Can you imagine what a “Gulf of Mexico” incident in the Arctic could result in?

So, if I understand correctly, Shell invests money and stands to be the sole gainer if they do succeed in drilling for oil. If they fail, WE (you, me and the native Arctic people)  are the ones who’ll end up paying for it. Who gave Shell the permission to risk messing up the Arctic for their own profit? I didn’t and neither did you; it’s time we made sure they don’t get away with it.  Save the Arctic, save ourselves.

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