Thinking outside of the box

Every time I buy a product, especially an electronic item, the first few minutes of joy turn into frustration as I try to make my way through the labyrinth of packaging. And at the end of the whole process, there’s a mountain of paper, plastic, Styrofoam, etc. left behind which lands up in the junk.

Why not ship items in packaging that is less wasteful and which has a less impact on the environment?

Remember those lovely glass jars which french jam confectionaries used? Those jars are great for reuse as storage for herbs, spices, etc apart from a host of other Upcycling Ideas. In fact, some companies are showing that packaging can be fun too. Water bottle company Dopper, for example, lets you choose a packaging that doubles up as a game, ensuring zero waste packaging.

Companies spend a fortune focusing their time and effort on making sure they have the right product. Why not spend a fraction of it on what it lands up in your hands in?

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