Citrus Fresh

The weekend is when most of us working folks roll up our sleeves and go about putting our apartments in order. The western world has a whole arsenal at its disposal – there’s a separate cleaning spray/agent for everything.

Have you ever taken a minute to stop and think what kind of chemicals go into making those household cleaning agents? There have to be some pretty powerful chemicals going into a spray which is able to remove the two-week old sauce stains off the kitchen counter. Or the solution that, even after being diluted a hundred times, promises to leave the floor spanking clean.

It’s worth taking some time to get to know and understand what stuff you use to clean your apartment. Because it’s inevitable that those chemicals are going to land up inside you – through inhaling the residual vapors while you sleep, through your food coming in contact with the kitchen counter, from the plates and other vessels you use for cooking. Should you be exposing yourself and your family to something that toxic?

What’s the solution? I don’t have the whole answer yet, but there are a whole range of home-made concoctions you can whip up as well as companies such as METHOD to make sure you don’t have to expose yourself to a slew of harmful chemicals to keep your house clean. This Orange Vinegar cleaner works well too while ensuring a healthy dose of Vitamin C at the same time.



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