Why is it that we will happily spend 20 minutes clicking around to find out the specs and news of the latest iPhone or BBM for iOS and Android, but not take the few minutes required to tweet or inform ourselves about the captured crew of the Arctic Sunrise or the endangered Rhinos?

Are we really that blinded by our materialistic desires? Or have we gotten to that ultimate state of self-indulgence where we truly care about no one but ourselves? Shouldn’t we care at least enough to stand up for the brave group of people who are fighting and standing up for our rights to a clean, unspoiled Arctic – perhaps the last bastion of land on Earth (mostly) untouched by mankind? Or try to spend some time/money/effort towards doing something to reverse mankind’s brutal assault on nature’s other children.

What will happen if you spend ten minutes lesser on Facebook tomorrow? Or if you don’t have that fancy Latte at your fave cafe? You’ll survive, I assure you. And by taking those ten minutes to sign  Greenpeace’s petition to the Russian embassy as well as donating that saved money to a good cause, such as saving the Rhino, you’ll make a hell of a difference towards making sure they survive too.


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