Stories worth telling

Every company in the world today faces competition; even NASA has to today contend with the likes of SpaceX and Virgin Galactic. Different companies choose different ways to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Going lower on the cost is one way, but it only works until your competitor finds a way to undercut you. You could try and eke out an advantage in performance; but even that won’t last forever. What would, however, work is telling a good story; a story worth telling.

Porsche released an ad in 2010 claiming that the new Porsche 911 was the most efficient car with the least CO2 emissions in Germany. This sentence was of course accompanied with an asterisk and a disclaimer. Straining your eyes to find the explanation of the asterisk (blended like a chameleon within the background), came the explanation – “least CO2 emissions of all new vehicles in Germany, compared per bhp.” Now that Advert might have caught eyeballs but how many people really took serious notice or made a mental note of that fact? It was a case of Greenwashing.

Porsche could have instead chosen to advertise the fact that over 60% of all Porsche cars ever manufactured are still on roads today. What kind of an impact would that have had? How many companies in the world, let alone in the automobile company can claim that over 60% of the products they have ever sold is still in use today? Isn’t that something to be genuinely proud of?

Which of these two facts left a deeper impression in your mind? Which is more likely to turn you into a Porsche owner or at least leave you desiring one? Which story, then, deserves to be told?

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3 thoughts on “Stories worth telling

  1. Thanks Fua. It’s always nice having your feedback.

    Kunal, Thanks Bro! It’s really some legacy that Porsche is building up, no?

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