Hang one, will you?

On my trip to Prague, I came across an interesting cafe called Uzavesenyhokafe, which literally means the hanging cafe. The name originates from the fact that when you order a coffee, you can choose to pay for two – one for the coffee you’ve drunk, and another for a hanging coffee. When someone who can’t afford a coffee enters the cafe, he can ask if there’s a hanging coffee, and if there is he/she can drink a coffee for free.

Isn’t that a beautiful concept? Why stop there? Why not implement this concept in say schools, hospitals and other organisations around the world? It doesn’t cost much to support a needy child or a hungry person in need. Most people reading this blog online can afford to help someone around them in need. They only need to choose to do so. I personally believe we can achieve much more in this world when we start helping at a micro level, rather than with government bureaucracy which often doesn’t end up reaching out to the people who need help the most.

Imagine the effect we could have when each of us decided to help just one person in need – small steps, big difference.


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