Putting up with Putin

When I think of Vladimir Putin, the words Arctic 30, KGB and Pussy Riot spring to mind. Now though, he’s supposedly an ambassador for peace because he’s protecting his ally (and might I add one of the largest importer of Russian weapons) from an international strike that might finally put an end to the inhuman civil war that Syria is raging on its own people.

Here’s a man whose government has captured the Arctic Sunrise and its crew of 30 Greenpeace volunteers for peacefully demonstrating at Gazprom’s offshore arctic oil rig. They are to be detained for another two months for supposedly being pirates. This is also  the same man whose government has passed a law prohibiting Russians from telling their children that homosexuality is okay and not a sin.

Isn’t it mockery then, when a man whose entire government suppresses its own people, illegally captures an activist ship in international waters and which does not acknowledge freedom of speech, is bestowed the highest honor to a civilian for peace efforts?

While we are at it, why not nominate North Korea’s Kim Jong-un as well for not using his nuclear weapons or the Taliban for not re-attempting at taking Malala Yousafzai’s life? Wouldn’t that be a nail-biting cliffhanger?

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