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Reuse rather than Recycle.

Ever realised how just about everyone seems to go on about recycling, while the term reusing is almost never mentioned? Is recycling really the best way? In my opinion recycling is overrated; reusing should be the new buzzword.

Recycling is extremely energy-intensive, requiring a lot of energy to extract at the most about 80% of the material, which is then transported back to factories, where they are processed to create more finished goods.

Reusing on the other hand entails either extending the usage of the product, or finding new uses or user for the same product. In today’s world, there’s almost always someone who could find use for things we might find useless.

Why then do we not hear anyone talk about it? Simply because that would result in lower consumption, translating into less profits for corporations


Before you leap

Change makes us uncomfortable – more so when it is about the way we live.

Sustainable living need not automatically imply living without comforts and making sacrifices. True, incorporating sustainability will probably mean altering the way we do a lot of things; but it does not mean that all of those changes are bad. Neither do you have to take them all head-on from one moment to the next.

 Sustainability has more to do with changing our thought process and consciously making the right choices more than anything else. For example, I went for a 3D movie the other day. Instead of putting the 3D glasses into the recycling bin at the end of the movie, I took them home and kept them carefully; taking them along the next time I went for a 3 D movie. Not only is it a smarter choice, saving needless energy that would have gone into transporting and repacking the glasses, but it also saves me a Euro each time while helping keep the Earth a little more greener. One step at a time.