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Words of wisdom

“Unless we are willing to encourage our children to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world, we can’t expect them to help protect and care for it”

-David Suzuki


Dare to Dream?

How does what you’re doing in life right now match up to what you thought you would be doing while growing up? No, not the time you were 5 and wanted to be just like your dad or your favorite actress. I’m talking about when you were between 15 and 20 and your belly was full of fire with your dreams and ambitions.

At that age where you were somewhere between a child and an adult, and you thought at least as much with your heart as with your mind. Before your teachers, society and even your parents told you what you were thinking of was not practical (unless it involved being an engineer, doctor, lawyer or a businessman).

Who won? Did you go ahead and listen to your heart or did you let them bully you into choosing something for you instead? Are you working on something you really love? Or are you just doing your job and trying to love the numbers that add up into your savings account at the end of the month?

If it’s the latter, how are you trying to change it? And if you aren’t trying, why not?

Soul Searching

Three questions worth pondering over:

1. When is it time to stop calculating Risks and Rewards, and just do what you know is right?

2. If you could do it all over again, would You change anything?

3. What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?