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The American holiday of Thanksgiving, which took place this Thursday, was in the media limelight as much for its significance as it was for the shopping craze that seems to take over Americans during this weekend. For a greater part since last decade, Black Friday (the friday following Thanksgiving Thursday) has been the busiest shopping day of the year.

In order to get more sales, a lot of big retail giants such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, Macy’s are starting to stay open from Thanksgiving evening itself, with some stores opening at 6 PM on Thursday. Is this really what Thanksgiving is all about? Whatever happened to the tradition of coming together as a family and spending Thanksgiving Day at home, in each others company? Of saying out loud all the things we really are thankful for, amongst the people that really matter?

And what about the employees that don’t even have a choice and are forced to cut short their time with their families because a group of thankless, privileged, ungrateful people want to save $30 off the latest tablet? And why isn’t the Government forcing these retail stores to stay shut on Thanksgiving day like in the past? Bowing to the Corporation, are we?

Should we be Thanking God it’s Black Friday? Walmart and Co. sure as hell are.

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